In Jesi, in the historic center, three great masters for three characteristic reserved and elegant environments. Immersed in history and theater, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, protected by the city walls of a city to be experienced.


Jesi, in the middle of the Esino river valley, is a land rich in food and wine. Together with its castles, Jesi is the cradle of Verdicchio wine, an excellent, very ductile white wine with a fine workmanship. From white to red with the Lacrima di Morro d'Alba recognized as a denomination of controlled origin in 1985, it has been known since ancient times. It seems to be discussed in some writings dating back to the era of ancient Rome. Legend has it that in 1167 Frederick II of Swabia could appreciate it.Typical dishes are cured meats, meat, honey, extra virgin olive oil, the famous fig lonzetta and sapa.At a purely gastronomic level we can not forget the tagliatelle and vincisgrassi, typical dishes that can be tasted in many trattorias.


Jesi is not just food and wine but it is also a lot of culture. There are many monuments to visit such as the Palazzo della Signoria, the Pianetti palace with its art gallery and its interior expanses. The medieval walls with the stupendous midday tower. Jesi has given birth to an emperor, to musicians such as Giambattista Pergolesi to whom the theater was dedicated, to actresses like Virna Lisi and Valeria Morriconi. Many others are the palaces and squares to visit rich in history that tell us of a city that has always been alive from the past to the present.


Jesi is a very interesting town for evening life. Many cozy restaurants offer excellent aperitifs accompanied by local specialties where you can not miss excellent wines such as Verdicchio, Moscato or Tear. For those who want to walk in a quiet center we can suggest the walk of almost two km from the Arco Clementino to Piazza Federico II with many shops in Corso Matteotti open until late to offer a shopping that goes from unique and refined items to excellent brands made in Italy. For those who want to have fun, there are some great clubs.


Senigallia A half hour drive takes you can reach one of the most beautiful beaches in the Marche where you can admire the Rotonda a Mare, Roveresca Rocca, the seafront and the picturesque old town. During the summer Senigallia is the home of CaterRadun and Summer Jamboree that attracts presences from all over Europe Grotte di Frasassi A half hour drive takes you to the wonderful Caves of Frasassi. The Caves of Frasassi are underground caves that are located in the territory of the municipality of Genga. The complex is formed by a series of caves, the first of which can be visited from the current entrance is the Abyss Ancona, a huge cavity that has an extension of 180 x 120 m and a height of 200 m; it is so vast (over 2 million m3 of volume) that inside it could be contained without problems the Milan Cathedral.

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